Return on investment through SaaS

Switching from spreadsheets to Tempora now will pay for itself before the end of 2017 Does the following describe your agency at all? Each week or month you email your team chasing them again for their latest paper or Excel timesheet. You’ll have to chase a number of your team again because client deadlines (and[…]

Incoming Bug Fixes

At Tempora, we welcome feedback on the product from our clients. Whether this be a usability, suggested change of design or a bug. Recently, a couple of comments were made about our latest build. We are currently working on changes for them to be deployed in a hotfix shortly. Once a timesheet is posted, an “Unpost”[…]

Are Your Clients Proving Profitable?

In today’s financial climate, it is important that work you do for clients returns a profit. However, the revenue earned from the completion of the work is only half the story. Are the profit margins really what you thought they would be? As any successful business knows, profit gained from work billed is not determined[…]