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What sized organisations use Tempora?
We have staff who work from home and abroad. Can they use Tempora too?
My PCs aren't the most up-to-date. Is that going to be a problem?
How long has Tempora Software been in business?
Why should I choose Tempora instead of other time management packages?
How do I pay for Tempora?
Is there a minimum contract period with Tempora?
What support is available?

Can I access Tempora on my smart phone?
My staff aren't good at filling in timesheets. They lose track of what they've been working on. Can Tempora help?
Will I be able to track costs and expenses as well as time with Tempora?
Can I use Tempora to plan and budget projects?



Where is my data actually stored?
Is my data secure?
How often will my data be backed up?
Who at Tempora will be able to access my data?
What is cloud computing and is it safe?
How can I be sure that only authorised users see my sensitive data?
If I decide to stop using Tempora, can I have my data back?

How much time will I need to invest in getting Tempora up and running?
I don't really have the time to set up a new system. Can you do this for me?
Do I need an IT expert to set up Tempora for my company?
How much training will my staff need to use Tempora?
Does Tempora have to be installed on my server or my PCs?
Do I need to start using Tempora from the beginning of the financial year?
Can Tempora be integrated with my accounts system?
Can I link Tempora to my invoicing software?
We currently keep our data in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Can that be imported into Tempora?