Tempora Roadmap

What features you can look forward to soon!

Q1 2017


Department & Team Views

- The ability to place colleagues into 'teams'
- Teams can check absence and availability in their teams, or other teams with the correct permissions

Time Off In Lieu (TOIL)
This will add a variety of new functionality, such as:
- A report that shows individual TOIL entitlement
- Automatic TOIL accruement from overtime
- A report showing weekly/monthly overtime conducted by person
- Ability for staff to request to take TOIL on an hourly basis
Budgeting system Enhancements
We are amending our budgeting system to allow the following functionality:
- Ability to enter time, charge out and cost budgets by client / project rather than person
- Ability for users / admins to be prompted whenever a budget limit is approached or reached
- Ability to set a budget across a year as well as by month
Q2 2017
New Dynamic Reports
We are currently looking at all of our reports and enabling them to be run on a daily, weekly or
monthly basis, for greater insights to business performance.
Q2/3 2017
New Tempora Interface
Tempora will receive an updated interface interface allowing for additional functionality including the
ability to search for clients and projects.
New Tempora Dashboard
A new dashboard for admin users, showing graphical charts representing an overview of their choice.