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Track staff time with our core feature - Tempora's online timesheet

Simple for Staff to Use

Users describe timesheet entry as ‘simple’ and ‘intuitive’. Time-entry training is included but not normally required. Where needed it takes minutes. Tempora’s mobile app is perfect for staff on the move even without connectivity.

Adaptable Time Capture

Tempora can be configured so that users allocate time to 1 - 5 sub-client categories. This provides for varying degrees of granularity when reporting on exactly where time was spent. E.g. at one end of the scale identify just the client for whom time was spent, or at the other end, the client, project, job, activity and task where time was spent.

Easy and Flexible to Manage

Admin users can add new staff, clients, projects and activities in seconds. It is also simple to apply different charge out and cost rates to your staff. Staff can also be given individual minimum hours requirements.

Late Timesheet Reminder

Using Tempora PROMPT you can ensure timesheets are completed when you need them. Tempora automatically chases staff with overdue timesheets and reports to you on anyone that is overdue. Switch on Tempora PROMPT’s “lock-out mode” to prevent users accessing any application other than Tempora to ensure timesheets are on time.

Quick implementation

Tempora is online, which means you can be up and running in hours with unlimited projects, clients and activities.

Add Notes

Staff can quickly record notes against their time entry, capturing any key details about that work. These notes appear in various business performance reports within Tempora. This is helpful for internal record keeping as well as for accounting to clients for work undertaken.


Tempora can be configured in various languages and takes account of local public holidays globally.

Tempora Timesheet PROMPT

With PROMPT, timesheets are submitted on time, every time.

Our timesheet reminder Tempora PROMPT works in conjunction with our core product Tempora Timesheets.  PROMPT chases your staff for overdue timesheets, completely taking this off your managers hands.. With our late timesheet reports, receive a weekly update on which staff have outstanding timesheets.

Automatic Reminders and Reports

PROMPT will send automatic email reminders to users and provide you with regular reports on which staff have overdue timesheets.

Flexible Configuration

Select how PROMPT should activate in response to an overdue timesheet. Either by issuing repeated pop-up reminders (at a frequency of your choice) or lockout a user from all other applications on their PC or Mac, until the overdue timesheet is submitted.

timesheet enforcement
When activated, the PROMPT lockout ensures that users with overdue timesheets are only able to log into Tempora by automatically restricting their computer to Tempora.
timesheet notification
If Activated, the gentle reminder serves recurring pop-up reminders to users with overdue timesheets .
Deploy PROMPT selectively

Our timesheet reminder can be configured on a person-by-person basis so that individual staff members receive the most suitable form of prompting.

Time Saved

No more chasing staff for timesheets week after week. This will free up valuable time.

“It didn’t take long for people to realise that a timesheet reminder like Tempora Prompt actually saves them time. With work still fresh in their minds, timesheets can be filled out in seconds.”
Sally Bennett
Finance Director, Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Tempora Absence

Take the effort out of leave management

Tempora Absence is an online tool used by businesses with upwards of 5 users to manage staff leave.  Absence can be used with or without our core product, Tempora Timesheets.

Tempora Absence is an ultra-efficient process that enables staff to request leave in seconds.  Line managers are immediately notified and may approve leave within a matter of clicks. With our sickness & absence reports, review at a glance the absence patterns of individual staff members.

Manage all leave types

Staff select from leave options including annual leave, public holiday, study leave, parental leave as well as any number of bespoke categories.

Staff know their entitlement

In the click of a button staff can see their up to date leave entitlement. This saves management from having to monitor and verify entitlement.

Holiday clashes easy to spot

Managers can identify overlapping staff absence at a glance

Avoid end of year rush

Studies show that regular holidays reduce staff sickness. Tempora Absence encourages your staff to spread their holiday out across the year and to take their full entitlement before the holiday year expires.

Auto-booked and Notified

Approved absence is automatically booked out in a staff member’s timesheet. Select which staff receive notification when leave is approved.


Absence takes account of each individual’s leave entitlement, including allocations due to part-time staff.

Customise to your house rules

Tempora can automatically allocate additional holiday in accordance with your house rules, e.g. increasing a member of staff’s entitlement on completion of 3 years’ service.

Track Sickness

Tempora Absence can also be used to track sickness and identify patterns of absence.

Business Insight Reports

Use our selection of powerful reports to measure and improve your business performance

There are over 40 different reports in Tempora, meaning that you can select those that fit your requirements most closely to analyse the data held in Tempora.  Run reports over your selected date range using both high and low level data.

Charge-out Value Reports

Analyse the billable value of the hours your staff have worked, based on individually assigned charge-out rates. Apply discounts or premiums to certain clients or projects. Reveal staff notes for each project.

Comprehensive Cost Calculations

Job costs are the cost to your organisation of staff hours worked, business overheads, expenses and third-party costs.

Profit & Loss Reports

Identify which client accounts are being over-serviced with our Profit & Loss Report. This data is key to ensure your ‘key accounts’ are really profitable for you. This report will factor in any retainer fees or third party costs .

Actual vs Budget Reports

Reports compare actual profit margin with target profit margin. This allows you to see the performance of a project against a budget and spot where slippage occurs.

Staff Utilisation Reports

Recognise the ratio of time spent by individual staff on billable vs administrative work.

Schedule Automatic Reports

Reports can be run on an ad hoc basis or scheduled for delivery to selected user inboxes on a regular basis.

Generate Custom Reports

Generate custom business performance reports in Tempora and export your chosen data fields in CSV format. profit margin with target profit margin. This allows you to see the performance of a project against a budget and spot where slippage occurs.

“One of the main reasons for our above-average profit margins is our ability to monitor client profitability using Tempora.”
David Spencer
Finance Director, Bartle Bogle Hegarty
“Tempora improves the efficiency of our billing and saves considerable time.”
Jeremy Holt
Clark Holt Commercial Solicitors

Estimating & Invoicing

Quickly create job estimates and track progress against them.

Tempora’s Job Costing & Invoicing software enables you to create estimates and invoices for jobs. You can also incorporate third party expenses (that you incur on behalf of your clients) into those estimates and invoices and create purchase orders in respect of those expenses.

Tempora can also allocate suppliers’ invoices to your jobs, as well as producing Work In Progress (WIP) and Profit & Loss reports. As hours and expenses are added into Tempora timesheets, the Job Costing will update in real time.

Create Estimates For Jobs

Specify estimates for the time & cost of seeing a job through to completion

Create Purchase orders

Draft, auto-create, approve and print purchase orders in a matter of seconds.

Track Invoices

Tempora allows you to track which invoices have been sent or paid.

Customise Estimates & Invoices

Tempora allows you to design estimates and invoices with your own corporate branding.


Produce a Work In Progress (WIP) report to monitor the status of a job at any time from start to finish. Allowing you to track time and expense progress against estimations at any time.

Run Profit & Loss Reports

Tempora can determine your overall profitability by running profit & loss reports on your jobs.

Job Costing estimate
Tempora Job costing & Invoicing software
Tempora Job Costing & Invoice

Data Import & Export Tools

Take control of your data with Tempora.

Tempora has the ability to export any of its reports, timesheets, or your data held, into a file or Email. Information stored in Tempora can be exported to .TXT,.XML or .CSV files. This will enable you to import the data into other business software you may use, such as Sage.

Similarly data can be imported into Tempora from the same format. Tempora can import your historical data from excel spreadsheets or various other software. You can then combine this information accordingly to create custom reports as required, using the correct up to date data. Our timesheet import & export allow you to ensure that Tempora reports fully encapsulate all work on a project.

Data ImportCustom ReportsBilling ReportsProfitability Reports
Timesheet data import

Tempora has the facility to import and data you may have accumulated outside of our Timesheets. We are happy to import this data for you but have provided the means for you to do so yourself.

Exported Custom Report

Tempora timesheet export

One of the benefits of a custom report exporting is that you can choose how it appears, as well as what data is showing. You can check anything from how much an employee is costing the business to how many hours were spent on a project.

You can then format the data anyway you choose to.

Exported Billing Report

Billing guide timesheet export

Exporting our Billing Guide will allow you to customise it and attach to invoices. This will allow stronger fee negotiations.

Exported Profitability Report

Profit report data export

Exporting profitability reports allows you take Tempora’s profitability report and customise it to your own needs. This will allow you to create custom reports to continuously track unprofitable clients.