Tempora Timesheet Software

The importance of tracking non-chargeable activities

It’s often a misconception that timesheets should be used purely for chargeable time, to ensure invoicing correctly for the work completed and staff paid appropriately. Whilst this certainly is beneficial, there is great value in tracking non-chargeable time, whether that be time spent pitching, conducting internal admin or other internal matters.This can help your business[…]


How to rollout a timesheet software

We previously discussed in our blog article “Features to Look For in a Good Timesheet Solution” that it is of paramount importance to carefully select your timesheet solution based upon the timesheet solutions the ability to meet your business’s requirements. Once you have selected your timesheet solution, it is just as important – if not[…]

The true cost of employing somebody

To get an accurate picture on levels of service, you need to base your calculations on cost rates – not charge out rates. Creative agencies are no strangers to over-servicing. Indeed, in today’s climate, a certain amount is inevitable. But some are over-servicing far more than they realise. Why? Because they base their analysis on[…]

Planning for holiday absence

It’s that time of year again where the office looks vaguely post-apocalyptic. Desks lie empty, voicemail lights emit their tired red flashes and incomplete to-do lists flap redundantly in the breeze. Still, even in its vacation-depleted state, business goes on. And with a bit of planning, it’s possible to keep clients sweet, avoid nasty conflicts[…]