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Tech enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to in 2017, both in terms of [personal] gadgetry and work-based tools. At the Mobile World Congress last week (February 27th – March 2nd) mobile users eagerly awaited news on the latest flagship devices from big brands, and they weren’t disappointed. To give a brief rundown: –[…]


How to rollout a timesheet software

We previously discussed in our blog article “Features to Look For in a Good Timesheet Solution” that it is of paramount importance to carefully select your timesheet solution based upon the timesheet solutions the ability to meet your business’s requirements. Once you have selected your timesheet solution, it is just as important – if not[…]

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Time Management – Why it is so vital in the workplace

Although it is common knowledge in the workplace as far as keeping an accurate timesheet is concerned, agency workers should have access to the best tools when recording these hours. Time management software is all about staying up to date with your timesheet in a transparent way that not only ensures you get paid for[…]

Agency driven to Tempora

Cheshire-based creative agency Driven has chosen Tempora’s timesheet system for use on its mix of Windows PCs and Apple Macs after a successful two month evaluation period. Driven won How-Do’s prestigious “Advertising Agency of the Year” award for its performance in 2009, when it gained 12 clients and doubled its staff and turnover.

Design studio selects Tempora

London based Design Studio has selected Tempora to analyse it’s job profitability. Tempora will be used in conjunction with Sage Line 50. Accountants CWC Resources, who have in-depth experience of using Tempora with Sage, will be assisting Design Studio with the configuration and on-going usage of Tempora.