Cloud Based Services, Why are they so popular?

Aim high with your Timesheet Solution – the answer is in the Cloud

The “Cloud” is a buzzword that has become commonplace in the vocabulary of IT solutions – but what does it mean?

Cloud computing, of course, does not literally refer to running computer programs in the atmosphere. It refers to the concept of using applications, communicating and sharing data over an internet-based architecture. So why has the cloud become more relevant in a contemporary environment?

Well, to many successful, competitive businesses, the benefits that cloud computing offers to their organisation are clear. These include:

No Capital Expenditure: With a cloud-based solution hosted offsite, your business does not need to channel money upfront into expensive hardware to power your IT solution or the IT personnel to maintain it. Not only will this save your business from expending its hard-earned revenue, but this greener solution will also help to save the environment. In addition to this, there is no substantial upfront cost, meaning that if the solution doesn’t work you can walk away with minor losses, rather than being forced to stick with one option.

Accessible Anywhere: Since cloud services operate via the internet, users can access them from outside the office or when away from a pre-allocated computer. This could be when using their home PC, at remote websites, meeting clients or via their laptop or smartphone. Since the use of the solution is not tied down to users being physically present in the office, they can work more flexibly and productively.

Version Control: Offline solutions run the risk of poor version control, with users working on local copies of data and then attempting to collaborate with their colleagues by manually merging their data together. With a cloud-based solution, this problem is eliminated, since everyone would be accessing the same set of data that is updated in real time over the internet. This holds true for any updates to the software or service, and you can be sure that all users will be accessing the latest versions of the software without having to manually check and configure each computer or device.

Security: The cloud-based solution would typically be hosted on an off-site server by a third party. This means that if you are unlucky enough to have your office broken into, then your cloud-based solution would not be compromised. Third-party hosting services also typically use industry-grade security software and conform to ISO standards for data security, minimising the risk of unauthorised access to your sensitive client data. Moreover, having a third party manage your IT solution also means that any maintenance or security updates would be included as standard in the price of your rental fee.

Disaster Recovery: No organisation wants to have their business ruined by fire or flooding, but you need to be prepared to cope with disasters. By moving to the cloud, your IT solutions are hosted off-site, making it easier to recover from unavoidable catastrophes. Backups would also be managed for you, so you can quickly restore any lost or corrupted data. This holds true for copies of historical data, as they will now all be held in one place (with backups) meaning you can quickly access data in times of need.

Your timesheet solution is one such component that would bring these benefits to your business by being migrated to the cloud. Among many other features, Tempora can offer you a cloud-based timesheet, absence management and profitability analysis solution – – so why not give us a call today?