Tempora Time Recording Software and Holiday Management Software

It’s that time of year again when employees rush to book their summer holidays and as an agency this can be a challenging period. Here are a few reasons why investing in holiday management software can make managing your employees holidays a little easier.


Holiday management software is an important part of the overall time management arena and as such, is vital for maintaining a happy and productive workforce. Just think about the summer holidays and the hours that are involved with arranging time off and you will start to see why having a smooth process for holiday request and approval is so important. Using Tempora HR Holiday Management software (part of the Tempora Time Recording product) will free up your own resources and allow staff to take charge of holiday management in a way that benefits the company and your employees alike.

Tempora HR Holiday Management Software Explained

Tempora HR means you no longer need to be involved in checking staff holiday entitlement, as staff can monitor their own entitlement at the press of a button, once Tempora HR has been configured to reflect your own company policy regarding entitlement. Staff will then be able to submit requests for time off through Tempora HR’s holiday calendar as and when required. Allocated line managers receive an email linking to the staff request and may then approve or decline holiday after checking the Tempora HR calendar, to see which other staff may have overlapping holiday booked.  In addition, approved holiday is automatically logged in the relevant staff member’s timesheet.

Easily Accessible

The whole process around booking workforce holidays has historically proved a real headache for UK agencies so why not look into the process sooner rather than later.

By installing Tempora HR in your workplace as part of the wider Tempora product you will be improving internal absence management processes as well as helping your employees to feel more engaged with the business itself.