How to reduce over-servicing

Over-servicing – spending more time on a project or client than initially agreed without amending the fee – is a problem that spans the creative industries.

Now seen as a fact of life, many companies try to reduce over-servicing, rather than eliminate it all together. It is true that during a recession over-servicing becomes almost expected. Clients demand more for their money than before – but this slow ‘eating away’ of profits could, in these tough times, spell the demise of an agency.

It’s also a difficult situation to reverse once a client comes to expect it. The earlier it’s addressed, the better.

So, how can we aim for the holy grail of prevention?

The answer is simple – by using an ongoing time monitoring system that everyone in the agency signs up to, and uses. In practice though, getting staff to use a time monitoring system can be harder.

The easiest way to monitor time is by using a system that does the number crunching for you, so that at the click of a mouse you can see if you’re heading to (or already in) over-servicing territory.

Tempora offers an easy to use time and profitability monitoring system that even gets over the biggest hurdle to staying on top of agency time – getting staff to complete their timesheets! With Tempora, if a staff member hasn’t filled in their timesheets for a set period of time, you can automatically lock their computer until they’ve done it.

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