Incoming Bug Fixes

At Tempora, we welcome feedback on the product from our clients. Whether this be a usability, suggested change of design or a bug. Recently, a couple of comments were made about our latest build. We are currently working on changes for them to be deployed in a hotfix shortly.

  1. Once a timesheet is posted, an “Unpost” button appears. If the user clicks Unpost, then this will send a request to the user’s timesheet approver, who can then action the request to unpost the timesheet. This will allow for users to have access to a clear method for correcting a mistake in a posted timesheet.
  2. Alteration of the global “Number of Previous weeks to copy” company setting and enhance it with a “Copy Last Week” button on every user’s timesheet. This will allow each individual user to decide if / when they want to copy the previous week’s timesheet – they are not bound by a company-wide setting that may copy too little / too much for them.
  3. Fixes to the PROMPT client for windows 10 and Mac OS X


Please do get in touch with if there is something you would like to notify us of.