Information Is Power – Empower Yourself With Tempora Reporting

Have you ever wondered what the real purpose of your staff completing their timesheets is? Your first response may be to be able to monitor your staff’s performance, to check that they’re not spending too much time chatting around the watercooler. You may also say that timesheets help ensure that staff can be held accountable for the work that they do and keeps them focussed on the task at hand. But all of this is merely the tip of the iceberg – the data that your staff are entering can be transformed into powerful information that can be used to drive business decisions.

Tempora provides a range of reports that enable user-entered time data to be converted into meaningful information that can be used to improve business performance. These reports include:

1) Total Time by Client / Department / Person by Month:This reports allows you to see the overall time booked against a given time frame, broken down by a category of your choice.

2) Billing Guide: This report uses the time selling rates of your staff and the hours they have worked to display how much you should be charging each of your clients over a given time period.

3) Profit / Loss with Costs by Month: This report allows you to compare your income against the cost of performing the work on a monthly basis.

4) Staff Utilisation: This report allows you to see what percentage of work that each staff member is doing is billable or non-billable (internal) activities.

5) Holiday & Sickness: This report allows you to see how much time off / sick leave each of your staff members have incurred over a given time period.

Tempora offers many more off the shelf reports, and also enables you to configure your reports to be automatically delivered straight to your inbox on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule, allowing you to view your tailor-made information at a glance. If Tempora’s pre-built reports do not provide the full set of information that you require, we can assist you by producing bespoke reports to meet your business needs.

To make the most of your timesheet system by transforming your staff’s timesheet data into powerful information, sign up for a free Tempora trial today.