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Utilising our profitability reports, creative agencies are able to find the true profitability of each project they conduct for clients. This then allows them to negotiate fees for future work to ensure that, where possible they stay profitable. Our staff utilisation reports allow agencies to monitor how much of their staff time is spent in client facing work and how much is spent on internal activities.


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By utilising our charge-out reports, consultancies are able to see how efficient they are for client facing work. Our reports provide our clients with the insights they need to ensure that all productive hours are charged at competitive rates, allowing them to be competitive with hourly rates, winning more business and keeping existing clients happy.


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Our billing guides allow our clients to accurately bill for time, find profit margins and provide a service record for staff work. Tempora also allows you to discount work against clients, or inflate from a standard rate. This provides our clients with the tools to see whether they have been under or over servicing a client.


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With staff accurately recording time at a granular level, our clients are able to see how much a project has cost them, from pitch to completion. This allows for more accurate budgeting and forecasting in future pitches and for an evaluation of overall staff efficiency.



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