Persuading staff to complete timesheets

With the increasing use of timesheets as an aid to minimising over-servicing, persuading staff to complete timesheets on time becomes more important.

When we first produced an add-on timesheet reminder to Tempora, some business managers felt that employees would strongly resist such an imposition. However, over the last couple of years, we have noticed many more companies wanting to impose a technology solution to overcome this age old problem. Our PROMPT tool allows you to enforce timesheet completion in a level of severity per user. Starting with email reminders and on-screen pops, you can then move to a tool which prevents staff from doing anything but their timesheets on their computer (there is an override dn’t worry).

Although this was lead by managers, more creative and professional employees seem to regard it as helpful to have the reminder to avoid them getting behind with their timesheets.

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