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What is a Timesheet? At Tempora, we regularly speak with individuals who have been tasked with finding a timesheet solution, with very little prior experience into what they are, or which one is a good fit for their requirements. With so many options available, we have written this little guide. Whilst we provide timesheets for[…]

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Time Management – Why it is so vital in the workplace

Although it is common knowledge in the workplace as far as keeping an accurate timesheet is concerned, agency workers should have access to the best tools when recording these hours. Time management software is all about staying up to date with your timesheet in a transparent way that not only ensures you get paid for[…]

How to reduce over-servicing

Over-servicing – spending more time on a project or client than initially agreed without amending the fee – is a problem that spans the creative industries. Now seen as a fact of life, many companies try to reduce over-servicing, rather than eliminate it all together. It is true that during a recession over-servicing becomes almost[…]