Commonly asked questions

General questions

What sized organisations use Tempora

Any size. Our customers range from start-ups and SMEs with as few as five users, right up to global corporations with many group companies and thousands of employees set up on Tempora.

We have staff who work from home and abroad. Can they use Tempora too?"

Yes – Tempora time management software can be used anywhere in the world with a broadband internet connection. It has multi-currency capability too. The Tempora mobile app means that you can track your time on the move, even when you do not have internet connectivity, e.g. on a plane or the Underground.

My PCs aren't the most up to date. Is that going to be a problem?

That shouldn't be a problem, if you've got a reliable broadband Internet connection (1Mb is adequate). We support Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. The Windows version of Tempora Prompt requires Windows XP (SP3), Windows 7 or Windows 8. If you have macs, they will need OS X 10.4 or later to run Tempora Prompt. Please note that if you are going to upgrade to the El Capitan OS on your Macs, you will need to use Tempora PROMPT version 10.11.

How long has Tempora Software been in business?

Tempora has been in business since 2002. Our parent company – Faber Systems – has been developing bespoke software systems for 25 years.


Why should I choose Tempora instead of other time management packages?

Because Tempora is much more than just a time management package. It was designed to help busy finance managers identify just how much profit their business is making from each client at the press of a button. Despite being very capable, it’s quick and easy to implement, easy to use, inexpensive and doesn't tie you in to any long-term commitments. It’s flexible, too. Being web-based, you and your colleagues can access it from anywhere.

How do I pay for Tempora?

Tempora is charged on a per active user per-month basis.

Is there a minimum contract period with Tempora

No, Tempora operates on a rolling month basis, unless an annual subscription is undertaken.

What support is available?

Remote support and maintenance is included in your monthly fee. This is available via email or phone on weekdays (excluding English public holidays) between the hours of 8am and 5.30pm. Any and all active users are welcome to contact us as many times as required via their preferred method. all Tempora users also have access to our knowledge base, from within their login portal.

Day-to-day use

Can I access Tempora on my smart phone?

You can access Tempora through the web browser of most smart phones. We also have an Android and an IOS mobile application available.

My staff aren't good at filling in timesheets. They lose track of what they've been working on. Can Tempora help?

We’ve come up with Tempora Prompt to address just that problem. Tempora Prompt is an add-on designed specifically to ensure your staff to complete timesheets on time. It allows you to take a combination of steps including, sending automatic emails to staff listing late timesheets, activating a pop-up reminder that will reappear at a frequency of your choosing, and Tempora Prompt can also lock staff out of their computers altogether until a timesheet is completed. Tempora Prompt is available for PC or mac


Will I be able to track costs and expenses as well as time with Tempora?

Yes. Third-party costs and expenses can be entered individually against a specific job or imported from Excel.

Can I use Tempora to plan and budget projects?

Yes, your chosen administrator can set monthly fee budgets at client or job level and then run off a report that compares the total value of the billable and non-billable time worked and the non-time costs with the budget values, on a monthly basis.

Data security

Where is my data actually stored?

Tempora is hosted by Rackspace and Microsoft Azure, leading hosting providers that are certified compliant to ISO 27001:2005 – the only audit-able international standard that defines the requirements for an information security management system (ISMS).


Rackspace has been Microsoft Hosting Partner of the Year three times and is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. As such, Rackspace has great expertise supporting Windows hosting solutions.

Rackspace is also renowned for its Fanatical Support service, which guarantees support 24/7, 365 days a year and is committed to providing 100 percent network and infrastructure uptime, a one-hour hardware fix and highly responsive technical support.

Tempora also utilises Microsoft Azure as a cloud computing platform. Azure has been accredited to ISO/IEC 27000, 27001 and 27018 standards. This means that Tempora clients can relax, knowing that their data will not be used for commercial ends or targeted advertising. The data will also be returned or transferred to the owner if required and securely disposed of within a short period of time of request.

Using Azure means that we can geocache client's data in a region of their choice, with two back-up drives running at all time, to ensure >99% uptime and prevent any data loss in the unlikely event.

Is my data secure?

At Tempora our client data is a matter we take seriously. All Tempora data is stored locally to the relevant client, for example our UK clients will have their data stored within the UK, unless they request otherwise. All data in motion is protected with HTTPS protocols, to ensure it can't be intercepted.  Real-time intrusion detection is used by both Tempora and Microsoft Azure to ensure integrity of the network infrastructure.

Whilst using Tempora, all data, whether it is sensitive or not, is encrypted with 128-bit AES encryption, which is currently one of the most secure encryption methods used and considered logically unbreakable.

Tempora operates an ‘as long as necessary’ data approach, data deletion will be done so immediately upon request, unless instructed to store the data, which otherwise means we will store it securely for a few months, before promptly destroying the data.

How often will my data be backed up?

Every day of the year – including weekends and bank holidays

Who at Tempora will be able to access my data?

Only the support team under the direct control of the managing director. All client data is treated in strict confidence.

What is cloud computing and is it safe?

Cloud computing is a relatively new mode of computing that allows you to store and manage your data on remote servers rather than your own computers. Tempora uses cloud computing, but the data and programs are not literally stored in the atmosphere. The software service is run from our dedicated hosting facility in West London, managed by Rackspace under contract to Tempora Software. It is extremely safe, and far safer than storing your data on PCs in your workplace. It is backed up every day, and is protected from events such as fire, flood, burglary, etc. to which many normal workplaces can be vulnerable.

How can I be sure that only authorised users see my sensitive data?

Tempora utilises a tiered permissions structure to ensure that all users in the system can only see parts of the system and information that they are entitled to see. This prevents a user or outside party being able to view (and manipulate) information. We will never grant access to parts of the system unless confirmed in writing by a named admin user within our client’s team. All permissions changes within Tempora are audited and can be provided on request.

If I decide to stop using Tempora, can I have my data back?

You can export client time data at any time, and probably wouldn’t need any help from us to do that. However, if you terminate your contract and then ask for help in exporting your data, we make a small charge for that work.


How much time will I need to invest in getting Tempora up and running?

Small organisations can expect to be up and running very quickly. Even for larger organisations, the process doesn’t take more than a couple of weeks.

I don't really have the time to set up a new system. Can you do this for me?

Yes, many of our clients prefer us to set up the system for them and train a member of their staff to administer the system. We provide a configuration and induction service which includes basic training.

Do I need an IT expert to set up Tempora for my company?

Not at all. All you need to set up the system is a list of your clients and current jobs/projects/matters and staff. To make the most of the system’s capability you will also need details of staff salaries and what your business overheads are.

Will my staff need to use Tempora?

It takes most users less than five minutes to learn how to use the time entry facility. We do however offer full training as required to ensure a smooth rollout.

Does Tempora have to be installed on my server or my PCs?

No. If you are using Tempora without Tempora Prompt, there’s no local installation required at all. Only Tempora Prompt, which reminds users to complete their timesheets, needs to be installed on individual PCs or macs.

Do I need to start using Tempora from the beginning of the financial year?

You can start using Tempora at any time because it reports the time worked, cost and profitability by client on a monthly basis. It is possible to import historical data too, as long as it’s in an appropriate format.

Importing / exporting data

Can Tempora be integrated with my accounts system?

Tempora can import and export data to and from most accounting systems and has a custom interface for use with Sage Line 50.

If you want to check on a specific accounting package, please give us a call.

Can I link Tempora to my invoicing software?

Yes, via the import and export facilities. Tempora can be linked to most systems via Excel using CSV files.

We currently keep our data in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Can that be imported into Tempora?

Yes. You can import clients, jobs and other information from Excel. You can import historical time data too, as long as it’s in an appropriate format.