Tempora Roadmap

What features you can look forward to soon!

We will shortly be updating this page with the features you can look forward to in 2019. Clients are welcome to pass on functionality requests to either their named admin or our support team. Similarly, if there is a report that you are looking for, that perhaps you can’t find in Tempora we would be happy at looking to implement it for you. You can find more about our live product on Homepage.

Q1 2018

Budgeting System Enhancements
We are amending our budgeting system to allow the following functionality:
- Ability to enter time, charge out and cost budgets by client / project rather than person
- Ability for users / admins to be prompted whenever a budget limit is approached or reached
- Ability to set a budget across a year as well as by month
Tempora Interface Enhancements
Tempora will receive an updated interface interface allowing for additional functionality including the
ability to search for clients and projects.
Q2 2018
New Reports Engine
We are currently looking at all of our reports and enabling them to be run on a daily, weekly or
monthly basis, for greater insights to business performance.
Time Off In Lieu (TOIL) Enhancements
This will add a variety of new functionality, such as:
- Automatic TOIL accruement from overtime
- Ability for staff to request to take TOIL on an hourly basis
Q3 2018
New Tempora Dashboard
A new dashboard for admin users, showing graphical charts representing an overview of their choice.