The benefits of having an online timesheet

Nobody enjoys working for nothing and even though that may not be intentional, by avoiding the latest proven technology as far as timesheet software is concerned, many of are doing exactly that. It really is time to show paper documents the door and if you are remotely interested in getting a fair wage for a hard day of work, this article should be of some interest to you. If you were in need of convincing, here we will talk over the main points that make a sound and valid argument in favour of an online timesheetsystemwith insightful reporting functionalityin the workplace.

Easy to personalise

One of the reasons why online timesheets are so popular is because they can be altered to suit your business type and laid out in a way that is easy for you to use. Once your online timesheet has been set up to reflect your own requirements, it becomes far easier to interact with and as a result will avoid timely checking after the hours have been submitted.

Easy access

Historically, paper timesheets will be stored in cabinets and gaining access to these can be somewhat challenging depending on their physical location. Online timesheets are always available (and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection – including via your smartphone) and the access to these documents can be controlled depending on the user type. This makes it far easier to deal with queries and time-tracking management becomes less complicated as a result.

Historical evidence and reporting potential

Paper based timesheets have proved to be a headache for storage and retrieval purposes and also they take up valuable space. Online timesheets can be looked after on a database and when required, hard copies can be produced upon demand. Most of these online timesheet systems include a reporting facility that makes it easy to track any changes and potential issues.  Some applications then allow you to ‘run the numbers’ on the time data you have entered to see what it is costing your business to carry out the work and how profitable each client and project are for you in reality.