The Importance of an Adequate Staff Leave System

Wouldn't it be nice if booking a holiday was as stress-free as the holiday itself? Sadly, in most organisations, this isn't the case. It’s often a convoluted process involving more people than necessary and taking longer than it should, wasting valuable time.

As simple as it seems, booking leave isn't always that easy to do. This is the all too familiar story that you've probably come across: Firstly, in order to find out how much holiday entitlement they have, your staff have to email or physically track down their manager or someone in HR. Very often, they then have to check with their colleagues to negotiate adequate cover, or wait for their manager to do the same. And once all that’s done they might still have to send another email to their manager to submit their holiday request, sometimes only to then receive their manager’s out –of-office auto reply!

Booking leave needn't be as difficult as that, and we've got the perfect solution to solve the following problems:

1) Employees not having their holiday entitlement quota to hand

2) Employees having to find out if adequate cover is available

3) Employees not being able to get their holiday approved because their manager is busy or absent.

Tempora HR is an automated staff leave system that easily addresses all of these issues, and more. It allows your staff to view their latest entitlements at the click of a button and to request leave by selecting the dates in their leave calendar. Managers are able to see an overview of the requests and bookings made by the different team members on one screen at a glance, in order to decide whether or not a holiday should be approved. This decision itself can even be automated, as Tempora can automatically decline requests if too many staff in the same department have booked the same dates off, allowing the holiday requester to quickly make alternative arrangements. With our comprehensive staff leave system, you can also set up “delegates”, who can approve holiday requests when a manager is away.

Tempora offers an affordable staff leave solution (read more here). that empowers your staff and saves valuable management time. No more paper forms, no more heated negotiations when planning a summer break, no more leaving all your holiday until the end of the year. And most importantly of all, no more hassle.

Let Tempora take the stress out of taking time off, so that you can enjoy a well-deserved break, you can read more about our HR tool here .