Where Tempora is used

Which countries are tracking time and profitability with Tempora

The map above shows various locations in which we service clients. Due to the level of customisation Tempora offers, many of the parameters can be changed to suit. Such as currency, annual leave calendar and public holidays. We have clients that have a primary location of operation and worldwide clients with offices in multiple countries. At Tempora, we utilise Geocaching to ensure your data and Tempora instance. This ensures that your data is stored in a location of your choice, usually near to your base of operation. Through utilisation of this technology we can promise to meet any security governance you may have and ensure a streamlined performance of the product. Similarly, we can ensure that you data would never be processed or stored in undesirable locations, for example US based clients may not want data stored in certain states. Please make us aware of this and we can make the appropriate account configurations.

Although our client support is UK based, we will ensure that appropriate support is available to your working hours, no matter the region you operate from. Whilst some clients are happy with the standard UK hours, we understand that sometimes the assurance that we are there makes you much more comfortable. We can also make any of our guides available in a different language, the desktop product will automatically translate Tempora according to its current language setting.