Why Your Agency Needs Time Management Software Now!

How urgent are Timesheets?

Why it's better to start timesheets sooner!

Time management software, sometimes known as ‘Time Recording Software or Timesheet Software’, is a vital tool for agencies worldwide, whether they are large or small. With figures and profits underlying most of what we do, isn’t it time that you started to understand more accurately how your staff spend their time, the cost of that time to your business and therefore how profitable you’re your different accounts are? Do you really know which clients are your most profitable, as opposed to which clients monopolise your time the most? Time Management Software offers a whole new window into your productivity potential and enables you to decide if you are charging your clients the right amount for the services you are providing.

We've often configured clients and helped them run reports, only for them to find that clients or projects they thought were profitable were actually being vastly over serviced. The mentally that a client was so profitable was encouraging the client to mindlessly throw hours. The reality, that without taking into account all the nuances and types of work covered a true cost for completing work cannot be completed.

There is also staff pushback. All to often we here from clients that they were apprehensive about timesheets, staff felt they would be used to spy on their work or judge their performance. Whilst this may be the case, Tempora offers a training regime wherein all staff can be shown the positive functionalities of timesheets, such as ensuring constant business growth and that each staff member has adequate leave and isn't overworked.

Tempora will also help your staff members find the time entry process that suits their work style and offers little encroachment. Whether that is our mobile app, desktop browser plugin or standard website platform we will help identify a behaviour method unique to each staff member to ensure continued timely completion.

Distraction Free
A successful agency beyond needs an easy and efficient process for managing holiday or other absence requests without distraction from the role in hand. By offering your workforce remote access to an effective Holiday Management System, time spent at work will be more focussed on the task in hand.

It is estimated that on average a company spends over 38 hours a month on admin and processing of data, so surely mitigating this would free up time for more productive areas of business?

Let Tempora Police Staff Timesheets
Your analysis of staff time spent on client projects is only as effective as the time recorded is accurate, and regularly completed timesheets make for accurate timesheets. Let Tempora PROMPT do the chasing for you. Tempora PROMPT can gently encourage staff to complete their timesheets or lock them out of their computers altogether, until time records are up to date. This makes sure your centralised record of how staff time is spent is more accurate and in real-time.

With Tempora PROMPT we can guarantee timesheet completion, to a level suitable to your company policies. Tempora can automatically serve emails, pop ups, notifications or computer lock outs to ensure that your data is collected timely.

Saving Resources
By using Tempora’s online timesheet system, your agency will be freeing up valuable internal resources that can be used for key tasks such as recruitment and marketing campaigns. Tempora will provide all upgrades and support for the application remotely, all included in the monthly rental cost.

To discuss Tempora Software further or to arrange a demo, please call our team on 0845 539 0208 or contact us here. We can also provide a fully configured trial with your data, so that you can focus on checking our product meets your requirements, rather than spending the who trial getting an environment ready for use.